Sophos Antivirus 2018
Sophos Antivirus for Mac Home Edition is a complete antivirus solution for your Mac. With this free program in place, you can trust that your Mac is not vulnerable to the threats of most viruses and malware.
Users can ask questions and receive answers via moderated forums. They can also find answers to questions using Sophos Home FAQ and Knowledge Base Articles.

Simple interface: With the streamlined interface of this application, you can easily see how your scan progresses and what threats are detected by the program. And when the scan is complete, you can view a list of quarantined items and decide whether or not to delete some or all of them.

Decent detection:

Sophos detected several legitimate threats through scanning. They were clearly displayed in the Quarantine Manager, and we were able to see the results of the scan, even though the analysis was still in progress.

Long scans:

The program takes a long time to digitize. In fact, our initial analysis of the tests was not even done halfway after 20 minutes, which seems excessive compared to other similar programs.


What’s new in version:

  • A light box to announce new features
  • Improved system reliability
  • You can change the names of computers and correct your own name
  • A Full Disk Scan Now Will Comply with Exclusions on Macs
  • Improved color palette for visually impaired people
  • Updating the Help System
  • Improved user interface and recording experience

Freezing Problems: The application froze several times during testing, usually when it was near to completing a scan. Since scans take so long to start, it was particularly frustrating.

Bottom line
Sophos AntiVirus does its job even if the process is not always terribly smooth. The program is free to use without limits.

How to Crack?

1. First Download Sophos Antivirus 1.1.3 Mac
2. Now Run
3. Select the edition to which you want to crack
4. Click Crack button & wait till a message pops
5. That’s all

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